Posted by: endtimeswife | May 11, 2008

I remembered I had a blog today

I remembered I had a blog today. I came to wordpress wondering if it still worked. I entered my login and 15 password combinations later, I was in to my old account. Now here I am, staring at a blank text box and pondering the same old question. “What should I write?” Until I get an answer, my inner monologue will probably just keep escaping through my fingers and ending up on this page. Oh well. I figure I need to start small if I’m going to start at all. It’s been 9 months since I last posted. I’m going to need some time to get back in the flow.

Posted by: endtimeswife | August 16, 2007

I’m doing what now?

On Tuesday morning, bright and early at the crack of 3pm, I went to a media metting and found out that I am going to be teaching the basics of lighting to about 40 Media Apprentices starting Monday. Now for anyone who knows me well, they know that this has been a dream of mine for a long time. The only thing is that I was trained in stage lighting  and they want me to teach studio lighting which I’ve never really done. So, I am slightly freaking out, but I know that it’ll be amazing once I get the hang of it. And being the extreme nerd that I am, I have been spending every free moment pouring over my notes from my lighting design and physics of optics notes. (Yes, I know I’m a nerd, and proud of it too!)

Stay tuned for adventures in eduaction!

Posted by: endtimeswife | August 11, 2007

I need to post more often…

Yeah, I know. I think I need to master the art of the short post. Just say what you want to say and then sign off.

 So my big news is this. I have a boyfriend. He’s british.

I guess that’s it.

Posted by: endtimeswife | July 28, 2007

God TV is killing me

Oh, so maybe that sounds a bit dramatic. To be more specific, working with the guys from GOD TV is killing my pride. Now this might sound wonderful to those who are walking the path to sanctification, and truthfully it is, but for me it just hurts. I know I want my pride to be eradicated. I desire to walk humbly before my God, but I just wish He didn’t have to use a medium that is so near and dear to my heart.

To explain:

I am the official lighting girl for IHOP. I have never been one to cling to titles, I have one, but I rarely use it. However, now that GTV is here I have been soundly demoted to 5th wheel. Dan is designing, Sandy is the gaffing, and Karla is doing the paperwork. Me? Well, I was given the task of doing is circuit plot of the prayer room which means that for the past three days I have been discovering which circut breaker controls each outlet in the prayer room. An excessively tedious task and not the most stunning or illustrious assignment. So my pride takes a blow. I hardly get to set up the new lights at all. It looks like I am just not as important as I thought I was.

Round two is theoretical and looks like this:

On Tuesday the GTV crew heads home, I am left to be the authority on all things luminary. For the next few weeks I am left to answer questions like: are the lights supposed to be white? (Yes) and why are we using those florescent lights? (Because it looks good on camera, gives off low heat and has a ridiculously long lamp life). I have to back up all the decisions that we made with the GPR design even though I didn’t have any say in what was chosen as well as hearing all the complaints that will certainly accompany all changes that are made. And my pride takes a beating again.

I think about all this while I am sitting in FSM during the nightwatch while the rest of the crew is asleep. Despite the long hours, busy days and busy work, I realize that I honestly have the best job of anyone that I know. I am the most blessed person to be able to do what I love to do, even if it is in a reduced capacity when the professionals come in. And more importantly. while they sleep, I have the privilge of standing before the Lord in the night. Gershwin was right, “Who could ask for anything more?” I couldn’t. And all that to say, while it is difficult, I am glad that GOD TV is killing my pride. It is making me more like Jesus. Ahh…meekness.

Posted by: endtimeswife | July 26, 2007

It’s amazing…people read my blog when I write things…

It’s funny. I have been too busy to write for a few weeks now. Despite this fact, I stayed up late the other day so that I could pen some meditations about Jesus. The next thing you know, my computer lets me know that people are actually reading this thing. So I thought I would give it another go.

Really this won’t be quite so deep or fascinating as the last entry. Truthfully, I am about to launch myself into a shameless plug for prayer. Ummm… so I work for IHOP and in some weird way, I kinda work for GODTV too. Right now we are doing major renovations to the prayer room including new sets, lights, cameras, and new rooms to boot. Anyway. I am working hard this week and I need strength for my body (because my muscles have atrophied from the night watch), I need grace for my heart (as my pride is taking a beating) and I need sleep like a kitten needs kibbies.

 So before you click on to the next blog, throw up a 30 sec prayer for me.

The Lord hears your voice and when you speak things move in the heavens.

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